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Homeopathic Treatment of Children

Children respond exceptionally well to homeopathic treatment and homeopathy is a particularly attractive option for parents who are keen to choose a system of medicine for their children that is gentle and flexible but very effective.

Unlike conventional drugs, which are given in a standard course, homeopathic treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual, and only the minimum amount of stimulation needs to be given in order to begin the self-healing process. You may have heard that in homeopathy, a "little goes a long way". This is true: one small tablet can have amazing results. This is because the medicines act as a catalyst, stimulating the body's own extraordinary powers of recovery. Once there is improvement, the healing process has begun and there is no need to go on giving the remedy until or unless the symptoms return. Then, the second dose of the remedy will be the stimulant the body requires to continue its healing work. If you find the child does not respond to the remedy, this is probably because it was not a close enough match to the individual case.

There are nearly 4,000 remedies of which only a tiny handful is available over the counter. If you find it difficult to prescribe for your child, the help of a professional Homeopath is only a phone call away. You can find out how to find a Homeopath in your area at the end of this leaflet. Many medicines such as antibiotics or steroid creams do not reach the cause of the problem which may then recur or become chronic. Homeopathy works quite differently, stimulating the child's own immune system so that illness is resolved naturally from within. Younger patients tend to have decisive and clear-cut reactions to homeopathy, since their levels of vitality are correspondingly higher than those of the average adult.

For the most successful outcome it is essential to choose the homeopathic remedy that most closely matches the characteristic symptoms of the patient. It is also very important to remember that once a favorable response has set in as a result of giving the correct remedy, it is time to watch and wait. Once clear signs of improvement are obvious, no further doses of the remedy need be given until or unless a relapse should occur.

Since children have a tendency to fall dramatically ill but also to bounce back very quickly, a wise parent should follow any strong instincts that suggest that the child's condition is moving into a realm that is beyond home treatment. In such a situation always call upon professional medical help and support. However, children suffer from a wide range of ailments while their little bodies are learning how to cope with disease. It is always a mistake to suppress these symptoms

because the body of the growing child is learning resistance to disease by means of earaches, fevers and other minor illnesses of childhood which are provoking and inviting an immune response. Childhood illnesses, therefore, are part of the growing up process and a child who copes well with these challenges will be laying the basis of healthy maturity.

The toddler has to explore his world and this is often a painful process as she falls down, bumps her head, and collides with the furniture. Every parent should have the homeopathic remedy Arnica on hand. It works astonishingly quickly to relieve pain, reduce swelling and shorten the period of shock. Even if the accident is so severe as to require professional medical emergency help, Arnica given at once will calm the child and greatly reduce the suffering.

As the child grows older, there will be exposure to a variety of infections such as colds, swollen glands, tonsillitis, and chicken pox. Usually these are mild and can be treated at home with homeopathic remedies matched to the way the child's system responds to the illness. The observant parent will soon learn to spot when, for instance, Pulsatilla is most appropriate - a weepy, clingy child who is thirst-less despite a fever and who feels better for air - and when to give Bryonia. The Bryonia child will want to lie still but be very thirsty for large quantities of cold drinks at long intervals. The Bryonia cough is dry and very painful and all Bryonia symptoms are worse for movement.

At sometime in the child's life there will be verrucas or warts, the result of weakness of the immune system. It is most important not to treat these suppressively as many conventional treatments do; this will only make matters worse long term. With homeopathy, which boosts the body's own healing system, results can be quick and improvement dramatic. Thuja is the first remedy to try and will usually clear up the warts completely in a couple of weeks.

Often children suffer very much on an emotional level. A pet dying, a special playmate moving away, a new baby in the family, moving house or school -all these can be deeply upsetting to a child. This is an area in which homeopathy can be particularly helpful. Constitutional prescribing by a professional Homeopath can solve the problem which might otherwise fester and affect the child's outlook on life. Homeopathy does not separate emotional reactions and physical symptoms: they are both equally valid as part of the total expression of the child's individual way of coping with his encounter with the world. Constitutional treatment from a professional Homeopath will build a strong immune system and a balanced mental and emotional outlook. This, together with good nutrition and proper hygiene, will protect your child from more serious childhood diseases.

As your child grows into a teenager there will be new physical and emotional changes to come to terms with. Although these changes are an entirely normal part of growing up, it is not unusual for them to give rise to some distressing minor symptoms. Acne can be the source of much misery for the sufferer and the onset of menstruation is not always easy: there may be pain and discomfort to an unacceptable degree. All of these things can be helped by homeopathy, including the diseases of late teenage years such as Glandular fever. Adolescence can be a time of roller-coaster emotions and though most of them will not require treatment, homeopathy can help very much with emotional problems at this important time of adaptation and growth. Constitutional treatment from a professional Homeopath will smooth the transition from child to adult.

Kind thanks to Heather Hawthorne for her article on treating children