Case Studies



Cured Cases

A two year-old girl was brought with eczema in patches on her elbows, thighs and feet. It itched continuously and she was up all night every night crying. She would scratch her skin until it bled. On her legs the skin was discolored and getting hard and rough. A steroid cream was prescribed with the warning from the pharmacist it could cause convulsions. The mother came to homeopathy rather than risk the side effect. After three weeks and two doses of the right homeopathic remedy, her skin was clear of the eczema and she slept soundly through the night. And the eczema never returned.

After receiving his immunizations a 5 year-old boy began having seizures. Neurological testing showed abnormal brain activity. His mother described the seizures as a “blacking out” as if he wasn’t there. He would stop whatever he was doing and stare into empty space. Pharmaceutical treatment had no effect. The child would convulse and jerk at times. Afterwards he would appear to be quite sleepy. Shortly after beginning homeopathic treatment the child was completely well. His teachers could hardly believe it. His mother says, “It’s incredible how well he’s been. He’s just been himself!”

A mother came for treatment of her 6 year-old boy who had been diagnosed as autistic. He was impulsive, had a hard time with any changes and could get very anxious. When anxious, he tended to cry or hide. He ran around a lot, asked the same question repeatedly and could get focused on one train of thought he couldn’t let go of. He talked about monsters, had to sleep with the light on and would often wake at night screaming from a nightmare. After the right homeopathic remedy he calmed considerably, no longer experiencing the fears and anxiety. He became a lot more articulate and no longer obsessed in his thoughts or activities.

A mother brought her 14 year old daughter for treatment of painful periods and pre-menstrual tension. The daughter quickly began talking about how easily angered she would become around her periods, wanting to throw things or hit someone. Any emotion she experienced within herself quickly shifted to anger and rage. Her manner seemed to dare the homeopath to test her limits! She had complex relationships with her peers, relationships that ended abruptly due to her temper. She admitted to feeling deeply alone in the world, like a queen might feel. Initially, the wrong remedy was prescribed and, as is the case with the wrong homeopathic prescription, nothing happened (no side effects & no serious reactions to an improper medication). Once she received the right remedy, her temper was quieted, her periods became easier and her relationships were stable and held the promise of long lasting friendship.

A twenty-one year old woman described herself as anxious and depressed. She was having difficulty coping with a long distance relationship with her boyfriend and a relationship closer to home with her step-mother. She described herself as over-analytical, thinking of so many possible scenarios that her sleep was disturbed. Her thoughts would lead her into feelings of guilt and shame as if she’d done something wrong. With the feelings she would get extremely nervous and heated inside. She was concerned about being accepted in her social group. She had many fears: of spiders, narrow places, high places, and being alone. She could often feel jealous in her relationships. After her homeopathic treatment her anxiety disappeared. Her sleep was sound and refreshing. Her relationships were all moving in a positive direction that she felt was constructive and motivating. When she experienced an unwieldy bout of depression, repeating her remedy got her back on a good course.

A 23 year-old woman with repeated hospitalizations since the age of three for asthma and allergies came for treatment with the complaint of hoarse voice and an inability to sing which she loved to do. Sometimes she could barely speak above a whisper. Her work was stressful and she experienced a lot of anxiety around her ability to perform which in turn affected her sleep, a sleep that was restless and interrupted. Seven months after beginning homeopathic treatment she no longer needed the many inhalers and pills she had been taking for asthma and allergies. Her breathing is totally fine as well as her voice. She is enjoying the positive changes she has made in her work and she is sleeping well. Her family is amazed to see her completely off pharmaceutical drugs and living healthfully.

A 34 year-old woman worried obsessively about coming into contact with something that could make her sick. She washed her hands repeatedly throughout the day, afraid of germs that might harm her. She described an anxiety she experienced daily with heart palpitations and vibrations in her chest. She feared being alone, especially being away from her family. Her thoughts could sometimes get jumbled, unfocused, and “all mixed up”. After researching the drugs available for anxiety, she did not want take any of those medications. In choosing homeopathic treatment her obsessive-compulsive behaviors are completely resolved and with well-timed repetitions of her homeopathic remedy, she continues to feel more secure and focused in her life.

A hard working 36 year-old man tried homeopathy for the first time for allergy symptoms with runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and congestion making it difficult to breath. He had suffered with seasonal allergies for 15 years and was using allergy and asthma medication for that many years to suppress the symptoms. One week after beginning homeopathic treatment he was symptom free. The following season he had minor symptoms that resolved immediately after repeating his homeopathic remedy.

A deeper case of a woman in her early forties: She had been helped superficially over the years with homeopathy, alleviating complaints for a period of time before they returned to trouble her again. Concurrent with her physical symptoms was an intense emotional state due to her reaction to affairs her husband had. She was intensely bitter and hugely resentful, understandable for a time, yet in her case she held onto the emotions, persisting in the anger and intense judgments, despite her husband’s sincere and honest efforts to address his part in the situation.
The remedies she received always aimed at treating her physical complaints as well as the emotional state she is stuck in. None gave lasting relief. Then she phoned with an acute illness: “My head and body are killing me,” she says, feeling sore from a fever. She had been having migraines two times a week since having the stomach flu which was two weeks prior. In the past three days the headache was constant. Her neck and shoulder blades are tight. There was so much tension her chiropractor couldn’t adjust her. She had a screaming headache with the fever, and the night before her throat had tightened up and became stiff. She was coughing hard, tasting blood. Though her temperature read 38.3 she was freezing. The headache was around her eyes, worse from changing her position, with throbbing sensations and nausea.

The physical symptoms she described in combination with the emotional state I already understood in her pointed clearly and emphatically to the right remedy. Prior to this acute exacerbation her symptom picture was never so clear. She needed a remedy for symptoms that are like malaria (fever with chills, headaches coming and going) and when those symptoms occur in someone who is holding on to a deep resentment or feeling of betrayal, especially of a romantic nature.

One month later she reported that the many chronic ailments she experienced were not occurring at all. She said she was having a runny nose like allergies but “it feels good, like something is going out through the top,” she said. Prior to the remedy she would always get a yeast infection after intercourse and that had not occurred since the remedy. With her husband she is becoming aware of how dedicated he is. “My respect and admiration for him has grown,” she said. She sees his strengths and remembers why she likes him.

She had always related dreams of water to me, scary dreams where the water poses some threat to her. After the remedy she dreamed of the ocean, incredible, beautiful and not frightening. She could see its potential. This is interesting since the remedy I gave her is sodium chloride, salt, which comes from the sea.

A 47 year-old man had lived for many years with tension and anxiety. He wasn’t sure homeopathy could do anything for him. The anxiety was worse in the mornings when he woke up. He experienced it as a physical sensation, a fear bordering on paranoia. It reminded him of when he was young, being terrorized by other boys at school. Since then he had always struggled with an uneasy feeling of not being safe. After homeopathic treatment he was able to discontinue his anti-anxiety medication and began to enjoy an optimistic view of his life, feeling a stronger spirit within to sustain his new-found outlook.

A forty-nine year old man with influenza phoned his homeopath to say he had tried everything in order to overcome the flu but nothing was working. (Next time, call your homeopath first!) He was frustrated, with fever and chills, his perspiration soaking through two layers of bed sheets, while having no energy to teach his classes. On top of that he had an unbearable headache, something he wasn’t used to getting. He had tried homeopathic remedies from the health food store (Please! Call your homeopath first), but things were going from bad to worse. His homeopath listened patiently to his complaints knowing exactly what would help him. He needed another dose of his remedy: the remedy that had helped him in the past with physical and emotional issues that once limited him. The remedy had acted so successfully at that time, and on so many different levels, the homeopath was confident it would stimulate his immune system to resolve the acute situation. It took a few doses, but in a short period of time he was back in the pink, after using his remedy indicated for his constitution.