About Jessica Jackson, CHom

Jessica Jackson has been practicing Classical Homeopathy since 1989. After receiving medical training and licensure as an acupuncturist she learned of the remarkable medical philosophy and science of homeopathy, as it was first developed in Germany, by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Finally, rather than separating patients into different parts requiring different specialists, here is a tried and true system of medicine that treats the whole person, their physical troubles intimately related to their mental/emotional state.

jessica_jackson As a licensed medical practitioner she was able to attend the Hahnemann Medical College—the only extensive Classical Homeopathic training available in North American at that time (1990-93). Upon completion of her training she met the eminent Dr. Rajan Sankaran and continued deepening her education and understanding in post-graduate seminars in California and Mumbai, India with Dr. Sankaran.

Concurrent with her practice and ongoing research into homeopathy, Jessica has participated in numerous homeopathic provings including Haliaethus Leukocapitus, Carbon dioxide, Yellow Rose, Corvus Corax, Ayahuasca, Ursus Arctos, Sanguis Soricis, and especially close to her heart, Lac Lupinum.

Jessica has lectured at The Hahnemann College of Homeopathy (1999), The British Society of Homeopaths (2000) and The National Center for Homeopathy Annual Conference (2000). She has published numerous cured cases from her practice in professional journals on homeopathy (1997-2006). She continues teaching, currently facilitating the Edmonton Homeopathy Study Group, as well as supervising students of homeopathy as part of their academic training. Jessica is available to give public talks about homeopathy to your group, school, staff or social service organization. For those out of range of a homeopath, she offers long distance phone consultations.